August 27, 2004

I Flash, Sometimes

I got a call on my self-phone early this morning, waking me up. It was me. I said "do I realize that I didn't get to sleep until after 3:00 a.m.?" I did.

This makes for the beginning of a weird day. Anything could happen.

I've been diving into Flash and ActionScript. ActionScript is the (see my fingers doing the "quote" thing) "Programming Language" for Macromedia Flash, which is the software that allows folks to create all those cool animated things. Like my friend Brian, who likes to play around with Flash, has created with DanceFatBoyDance. Or this very intelligent dog. There are more professional uses, I assure you.

My purpose for flashing is not animation per se, but rather the use of its low-resource graphic features. It's the only language I can hope to use to create my (hear cackling laughter) Swatch Slave.

ActionScript is a cruel taskmaster. It's not really a programming language, it's a scripting language.

Let's say a programming language is like good English, with all kinds of rules and syntax. It has its own police force that won't let you get away with bad grammar. In a real programming language I could write this:

The odd stockbroker took one look at Veronica and I and fled.

I'd never get away with it. I'd get all kinds of boxes popping up tellilng me things like "invalid object" or "ambiguous predicate". I'd have to correct it or the program wouldn't run.

But in ActionScript, I could write the same thing, and the program would run, it just wouldn't do what I want. Or maybe it would, you never know. It approves and runs flawlessly something like this:

dont Touch me with those Pointy double needles you filthy beest;

But if I should dare to write this:

The capitol of illinois is Springfield.

It will not run and I just have to keep guessing until I figure out that "Illinois" has to be capitalized.

I do have a few remaining hairs.

The knitting isn't real exciting lately, I have to tell you. I'm experimenting with swatches, tweaking, approving, tweaking more, throwing it in the air in disgust and returning to it later to try again.

I'm also working on a relatively quick knit using the Rowan Kid Classic I've had aging in my stash. I'm doing the Incredible Custom-Fit Top-Down Raglan that is somewhere on the net. At 4.5 spi, it's a relief and the yarn is incredibly soft and delicious to work with.

My apologies to the Visualites, and the Plague of No Photos which you must endure for another day...

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