August 04, 2003

Who Says Time Travel is Impossible?

Another new blog amie, Amber, recently told me that some neighborhood ne'er-do-wells crushed up some of her indigo leaves and used them to stain the walls of her home. I was absolutely enthralled by the image of 21st-century youths using a 2nd-century technique to make pigment. Anachronism at its finest. But Amber gently brought me back down off my pseudo-intellectual high-horse by reminding me that vandalism is vandalism and that hours of scrubbing are hours of scrubbing. If she weren't so polite, I think she would have said to me, "If you think this is so historically significant, you come scrub my walls!"

I take some satisfaction, at least, in knowing that the culprits left her home having gained an education in fiber culture, natural dyeing, botany and color theory. (What do you mean they didn’t?)

Knitting Knews
Inspired by, again, Amber and also the Loose Ends blog, and needing to do something different because every single one of my knitting projects is languishing in the Why Did I Start This? pile, I knit and felted a little bowl this weekend, using Cascade 220 and size 10 needles. I knit a 10-stitch-square base, picked up and knit 9 stitches on each side and did a little arbitrary decreasing around the top. I then hand-felted it, stuffed it with paper and left it to dry.

I’m afraid to say K is not impressed. Every time she sees it, she breaks out in a fit of giggles. Unlike with my other projects, she is not saying, "Oooooh, make me one, make me one!"

The bowl:


The bowl with some flowers to give you an idea of its size:


Dye Garden Dyegest – Good News, Bad News
The Good News: The dye garden is being expanded! New bed to the right in the photo below.


The Bad News: We changed our minds.

The Good News: We decided to put a small greenhouse in that area instead!

The Bad News: Greenhouses are mind-numbingly expensive.

The Good News: We found a slightly used 6’ by 10’ cheap greenhouse knockoff for only $155. And it takes only 30 minutes to set up! See this simple frame? And, yes, that is Frankie's fluffy butt in the lower picture.



The Bad news: The manufacturer lied. Three hours, countless swear words, two flushed faces, four exhausted arms, four blistered hands, and one carbide blade later…


The Good News: We like it anyway!

The Bad News: Before we decided to put the greenhouse in, we amended the new bed with compost. The inside of the greenhouse smells intensely, and I mean i-n-t-e-n-s-e-l-y, of cow poo.

Posted by Ryan at August 4, 2003 10:29 AM