November 07, 2003

Be Still My Heart, Part II

First, proof that K and I are not the only zealots who would brave traffic, an insane parking arrangement, two hours with nothing to do after looking at the one or two museum exhibits we haven’t seen a million times (because we luuuuv this museum), hunger (because eating was one of the activities we had planned on to fill those extra two hours but the line to the café was astoundingly long), and unseasonably cold weather to watch the Concorde land. And this was only a quarter of the crowd! Oh, and, no, the plane in the picture isn't the Big C; it's some little Piper Cub or something. (An image just flashed into my mind of the Concorde lying on its side with a row of Piper Cubs nursing from it. I worry about myself sometimes...)


And this was what the fuss was all about, the Concorde, not looking even faintly winded after breaking a world record for flying from New York to Seattle (which caused it to land half-an-hour early, to the frustration of the poor saps who came out to the viewing area at the time it was supposed to land. Neener, neener.). And, yes, it was worth every minute of the traffic, parking, hunger, cold, blahblahblah. The pilots waving the American and British flags made one feel a mite farklempt, although I did wonder about what design genius thought it would be a good idea to put windows that open that easily on a supersonic aircraft.


And, by way of an amazing creative-writing sleight of hand, I'm actually going to relate all of this to knitting. The knitting I've been doing for the last two years finally came into its own on this day because K and I were bundled up in the checkerboard scarf I knit for her last year, the Sisyphus scarf, and the Mary Mittens!

Knitting Knews
And, here, a picture of the finished Mary Mittens! The round object on the cuff of the mitten on the right is an oak-leaf-and-acorn button I slapped on at the last minute. I have discovered that, when you are as uncreative as I am, buttons can be your very best friends. Slap one on your knitted item and, voila!, you are an avant-garde artiste! I have every intention of sewing a button on the other cuff but I'm dragging my feet because I've noticed that the button helps me remember which is the right mitten and which is the left. (How do I dress myself in the morning?)


And, here, for Mary, proof that the Mary Mittens fit:


Dye Garden Dyegest
Because I can't quite seem to let go of this section even though I'm not dyeing anything at the moment, I'll use as an excuse to keep it going some pictures of the other non-dye-garden flowers in K's and my yards. For starters, this beautiful rambling rose, the Dublin Bay, which K "rescued" from certain death in my yard and has had growing over her picket fence for the past three or four years. The buds start out black and open into the most breathtaking, profuse, and densely petaled flowers:


Posted by Ryan at November 7, 2003 09:38 AM

I was hoping you had made it on time to see the landing after I heard it was early! Don't the Brits know it's rude to show up early? ;-)

Love the Mary Mittens! And the roses, gorgeous, when was that photo taken? Before or after multiple/continuous freezes? Have a great day!

Posted by: Fran on November 7, 2003 09:55 AM

Hello, Farmer Fran! The rose photo was taken waaaay before the multiple freezes (or, as I perceive it, the one long freeze that refuses to let up). Over the next few blog entries, I'll be posting more photos, all of which were taken this summer.

Posted by: Ryan on November 7, 2003 10:11 AM

I saw a photo of adult mittens with a button on one and a loopie thingie on the other to help keep them together when not being worn. Just a thought. Then, you could still tell your R from your L. Am I being an enabler here? Oh well, it's my job, someone has to do it, might as well be me!

I find the jet plane facination verrrrrryyyy innnttereesssting Miss Ryan.........(said in my best Herr Freud manner)....

Posted by: Lisa on November 7, 2003 10:30 AM

love the mittens and the roses, did you post what yarn you used and i missed it?
i will leave the planes to dh and ds, one former and one current, p3 orion, navy pilots.

Posted by: vanessa on November 8, 2003 02:43 AM

Vanessa, good to hear from you again! I used a variegated Plymouth Encore yarn for the mittens. A tiny bit plastic-y but the colors were great, it knit up well and, most importantly, it's keeping my hands warm!

Lisa, no comment on the airplane issue... ;-)

Off to make my rounds of the blogs!

Posted by: Ryan on November 10, 2003 08:16 AM
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