November 12, 2003

I Feel Blue

At work yesterday, I scratched my back inside my shirt with what I thought was a capped pen. Imagine my surprise when I caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror last night and discovered inky blue lines everywhere, most traversing my back from side to side but some definitely concentrated around a now very blue mosquito bite. The most embarrassing part? This isnít the first time Iíve done this.

Knitting Knews

My Number One knitting goal is to knit The Perfect Sweater. By Perfect Sweater, I don't mean one that fits perfectly or is knit perfectly or is the perfect fair isle design. By "Perfect Sweater," I mean the type of cozy, oversized sweater you would wear to take a post-prandial walk on Thanksgiving, visit the horses in the barn on a foggy fall day (although first I'd have to get some horses and a barn), or eat a warm cup of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich while reading a good book. I thought I found The Perfect Sweater in this pattern:


Unfortunately, the largest size for the pattern was based on a chest measurement that I haven't seen since I was 11. And since you know by now that I just sort of stumble around in the world of knitting, you know I haven't the faintest idea how to customize the pattern for a more zaftig figure but I'm giving it the old college try—and it's not going well. Because The Perfect Sweater requires, of course, bulky yarn, I'm using some Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from my stash, size 11 needles for the rib and size 13 for the sweater. My swatch said I would get 3 stitches/inch but it must be 3 stitches and a skosh because on my needles I now have, as I called it in my last entry, The World's Largest Sweater. Here, a picture of the ribbing for a sweater that you might not wear to the barn but which would most definitely fit around the barn.


Dye Garden Dyegest
For this entry's memories-of-summer picture, some oregano and tri-color sage from my yard:


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