June 28, 2006

Need. More. Cotton. Yarn.

I’m feeling so smug right now because, well, I’m a bloody genius. I’ve figured out the perfect way to prevent any and all post-operative pain. Just remove the entire back of the heel of your right foot with the bottom edge of the screen door and—voila!—your post-operative pain will be just a distant memory!

If the idea of slicing off the entire back of your heel doesn’t appeal, then try Plan B: Develop a new addiction. You know how They warn don’t try meth, don’t try crack, because one hit and you’ll be addicted for life, and your teeth and hair will fall out, and you’ll become forever sick and destitute and desperate? Well, meth and crack ain’t got nothin’ on knitted dishcloths.

When Mary Lee (Marylee? MaryLee? How do you spell your name anyway, girl?) sent me the Peaches & Cream cotton yarn, with it she included a note that hinted darkly at the addictive properties of dishcloths. It said, “For this, we can either thank or blame (depending on your private thoughts about dishcloths) Kay and Ann. I’m a convert. Love ‘em. They’re fun! Remember those tiny little Avon lipsticks samples [which I don’t, but let’s pretend I do, although I do think I remember tiny candy lipsticks, which might’ve been the same thing. Ed.]. Remember spirograph? That kind of fun!”

Poor Mary Lee/Marylee/MaryLee. I suspect that her teeth have already started to rot out of her head, her hair has lost its luster, her eyes have started to shine with a strange, crazed light, and she’s sitting, twitching, at a major intersection with a cardboard sign which says "Will Work For Cotton Yarn." How do I know this? Because within 24 hours of having received her gift, I had knit this…


…and this…


Indeedly-doo, they were borderline meth-like/crack-like fun, and are slated to be sent to “mother-in-law” as a thank-you gift for all her support while I was in the horse-pittle. I am now, however, out of any and all cotton yarn and am starting to jerk uncontrollably and drool slightly from the corners of my mouth.


And so we begin week three of the Waco-like standoff…


Posted by Ryan at June 28, 2006 04:13 PM

I actually found this inexpensive source for cotton yarn a couple days ago. They have approximately a zillion colors. I'm debating making an afghan with it.


Julianne on Whidbey

Posted by: Julianne on June 28, 2006 04:40 PM

weaving works sells sugar&creme, lots of colors too. it must be embarrassing for them to admit it though, because they tucked 'em away in a rubbermaid bin on a shelf above the nice yarns.

Posted by: Dorothy on June 28, 2006 04:42 PM

Yup, they are sooooo addictive. And then you start experimenting with how wide the bricks are, and then you try mitred, and then you go for a log cabin dishcloth, a feather and fan ....before you know it you are asking your significant other (or your 6 year old, or the dog) if these colours are too wild to go together... In my region of Canada the cotton is Bernat.
It's sort of like doing the hats for Dulaan :)
Look out!
PS Sounds like you are feeling a little better, you know, minus a strip of heel and all.

Posted by: kate on vancouver island on June 28, 2006 04:58 PM

Beware of the M&D burp cloth. I'm having a serious Kitchen Cotton jones.

Posted by: Kat on June 28, 2006 05:40 PM

Remember: Cotton is just a gateway drug to linen.

Posted by: mote on June 28, 2006 06:31 PM

Hey, since David and I are remodeling our kitchen, let me be an enable--if I bring you kitchen cotton in blues and greens, will you make me some dishcloths? I'll pay you in chocolate. Mary B

Posted by: Mary B on June 28, 2006 07:04 PM

I have been crocheting some recently, for my MIL for her birthday. I can't stop. I keep wondering, will three be enough with the soaps? Should I make five? How many shades of pink, lavender and white ARE there in Bernat Cottontots?
Just give me one little fix, just one...

Posted by: Carrie on June 28, 2006 08:26 PM

Those are gorgeous dishcloths! Will have to try that pattern. Mine tend to be of the generic, garter-stitch-on-the-diagonal variety. Functional, but bo-ring.

Re: the standoff, my money's on Frankie to go the distance (grin).

Posted by: Denise in Kent, WA on June 28, 2006 08:58 PM

just a note to let you know that 6 hats, one keyhole scarf, 1 pr of mittens & one iron-clad handspun toddler vest went via priority to flagstaff today. that's 9 warmer people!

and you can buy that cotton at. . . . WALMART!

i'll duck now.

Posted by: minnie on June 28, 2006 08:58 PM

Mary, did you say "chocolate?"

Posted by: Ryan on June 28, 2006 08:59 PM

Yes, chocolate. Just trying to aid your recovery, any way I can.... Mary B

Posted by: Mary B on June 28, 2006 10:08 PM

Yeah, that comforter is gone, gone, gone, out of the park!! Please, please tell me what the M & D burp cloth is!!

Posted by: Bonney on June 29, 2006 03:44 AM

In the first shot of Frankie on the duvet, the thing was neatly folded but as time goes on the shape is steadily morphing into that of a bonafide dog bed! It would appear you aren't the only one busy making things!

Posted by: Marie on June 29, 2006 05:09 AM

I think Frankie has won... hands down. Glad you're up to moving around... watch those doors though, 'K?

Posted by: Marty52 on June 29, 2006 06:30 AM

Okay, so now I know I'm not the only one. My mother asked me to make her some stuff out of the Peaches and Cream, and wow! this stuff is great. Hope you are feeling better Ryan!

And that adorable Frankie, sorry to say it, but she won the standoff like a week and a half ago.

Posted by: Nancy on June 29, 2006 06:43 AM

Send me an address, baby, and I'll send you some cotton. Or bring you some if I can ever get my act together to actually come visit. And, like, get time off work and such.

The Dishcloth Queen

Posted by: Rabbitch on June 29, 2006 07:01 AM

Glad you are better and have found a new addiction. I have also found the joy of dishclothes.

I think you may as well admit defeat and get yourself another cover. You will not enjoy the one you have when Frankie is standing by the bed shivering with cold as she stares at her once beloved bed. Which like all good dogs you know she will do just to make the point.

Posted by: Petrified on June 29, 2006 07:10 AM

Omigod! I have this addiction, too! I have recently started a movement to get knitters to knit in the dark at the movies and I'll knit pure garter stitch washclothes since I don't have to think about what I'm working on. So far I've knitted during 'Garfield 2' (yes, I have a child) and 'The Lake House' (a chick flick you must go see). I'm already becoming known as 'The Lady Who Knits in the Dark.' I guess this is alright. I figure that we are in a small Southern town and need people like me to be eccentric!

Posted by: Sharon P on June 29, 2006 08:01 AM

If you live in an area where there is a Hobby Lobby, the sugar n creme cotton yarn (practically the same as peaches and cream) is on sale for $.99 until Saturday (7/1). I plan on getting my fix tonight! Can't. stop. making. dishcloths. Just wait until you try the baby kimono and the Absorba bathmat! Oh, and um, I have already moved on to linen--LOVE euroflax! I may need a twelve step program!

Posted by: Grace on June 29, 2006 08:16 AM

Handmade dishcloths are the best! My husband loves using them when he is cleaning the kitchen and my 6 year old can really get into cleaning the counters when he uses them. They stand up to a lot of abuse and washing. I can't stand used dishcloths to sit around more than a couple of days. The challenge is to get people to actually use them when they receive the gift...I recommend a couple of books which include cables and such as well as images to knit in: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/160140011X/sr=8-4/qid=1151594412/ref=sr_1_4/002-4914948-8993613?ie=UTF8 or http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1574869124/sr=8-17/qid=1151594757/ref=sr_1_17/002-4914948-8993613?ie=UTF8 or http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1574869906/sr=8-37/qid=1151594787/ref=sr_1_37/002-4914948-8993613?ie=UTF8 or http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0881959650/002-4914948-8993613?v=glance&n=283155
I get bored easily so all of mine are different patterns. I purchased a whole bunch online from JoAnns.com and have a great stash in the closet.

Have Fun!

Posted by: Connie on June 29, 2006 08:31 AM

Who's Ed?


Posted by: Lee Ann on June 29, 2006 09:28 AM

One of us. One of us. One of us.

Posted by: anonyknits on June 29, 2006 09:37 AM

I bought the 365 Knit Stitches desk calendar thing for practicing. You can use those patterns for some fun dishcloths and possible learn new stuff. Yay! Now to get Ms. Ryan some more cotton yarn. Hee.

Posted by: Stalker Angie on June 29, 2006 09:43 AM

HL has cotton on sale??????? Bestill my heart, I know where I'm going to be on Saturday. Ryan, at the risk of feeding the addiction, I would be happy to get you a stash, if you would like to email me privately your address. We can't have anyone twitching and glassy eyed now can we?? :)

Posted by: Nancy on June 29, 2006 09:52 AM

Hi Ryan, thought you might enjoy a cute little Dulaan story. Remember Tasha the Yukoner--turns out that is a high school friend of mine. We're both reading your blog, both knitting for Dulaan but had no idea the other was doing so. When her name came up a few times on your blog I e-mailed her to check if it's the same Tasha and it was -- cool, eh?

Take care and sorry about your heel! That sounds nasty!

Posted by: romy on June 29, 2006 10:13 AM

Eek, I'm all creeped out by the "one of us" chant. :P

FYI, when you run out of recipients for dishcloths and washcloths (and you will), they make great Beanie Baby blankets for kids. And for further enabling:

Posted by: Patti on June 29, 2006 12:14 PM

2 WARM wool earflap hats with braided tassels went out in yesterday's mail for Dulaan. The post office promised me it would be there on Friday!

Posted by: Morgen on June 29, 2006 12:18 PM

toldja! (officially; Mary Lee...usually; marylee)

Posted by: marylee on June 29, 2006 12:53 PM

I sent out 14 items (baby blankets, hats, baby sweaters, kiddo scarves) last Saturday. Good luck on your recovery!

Posted by: Kara on June 30, 2006 03:07 PM

10 more Dulaan FOs are likely already in Flagstaff as I just live "down-state" from there and mailed them Wednesday and OMG I love Prioity Mail!

Feel better, I join you in starting the dishcloth-cotton love as our local Craftmart is going out o' biz (*sob*) and having a huge sale (YAY!)

Posted by: kt on June 30, 2006 08:52 PM
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