September 18, 2006

Dulaan 2007!



1. An Overview For Newcomers to the Project
2. Information For Returning Participants
3. How Can You Contribute?
4. What Is Our New Goal Number?

1. An Overview for Newcomers to the Project

children-neighbor.JPGDulaan is a cooperative effort of the Flagstaff International Relief Effort (F.I.R.E., 501c3), Mossy Cottage Knits, and the Kunzang Palyul Chöling (KPC) Buddhist community of Poolesville, Maryland. Dulaan (which is Mongolian for “warm”) is dedicated to helping the struggling and impoverished children and adults of Mongolia. Due to economic and political upheaval, unusual and disastrous weather conditions which have devastated the nomads’ livestock herds, and “normal” weather conditions which frequently reach -40 degrees in the winter, there are many children who live in heating ducts below the capital city of Ulaan Bataar, and adults who scavenge through garbage heaps to survive. (For more pictures of the extreme living conditions in Mongolia, see these earlier blog postings—Entry 1, and Entry 2.)

To help the Mongolians, the Dulaan Project encourages crafters to make and provide two kinds of items: double-thick fringed fleece blankets like this, and knitted or crocheted items. The knitted or crocheted items can be made out of any warm yarn: Wool, acrylic or blends. You can make anything: Scarves, hats, blankets, mittens, socks, neckwarmers… And you can use any color.

You will need to ship your finished items to the F.I.R.E. by July 1, 2007 so they can be shipped to Mongolia in time for the winter. See this detailed flyer (in pdf format) for address information and specifics about how to box and ship your items. Feel free to use this Box Inventory Form to list the contents of your box when you get ready to ship.

See "How Can You Contribute?” for all of the options and possible activities related to this project. As you can see, if knitting clothing or making fleece blankets are not your cup of tea, you can help us by simply getting the word out.

Please note that this project has no political or religious affiliation. We have no agenda other than to provide the Mongolians with the essentials needed to survive harsh winter weather.

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2. Information for Returning Participants

Thank you to all of you for the phenomenal success we had in 2006. As you know, originally 2006 was supposed to be the final year but, because of the overwhelming response and the number of items contributed, we will be continuing Dulaan for at least one more year, if not more.

The deadline for this year is July 1, 2007. See "How Can You Contribute?” for a reminder of all the different ways you can help with the project.

Here is this year's list of suggested patterns, including, as always, the patterns that have been designed specifally for the project.

I have reposted the Dulaan button for you to steal, and the Dulaan Box Inventory Form for you to use for your boxes.

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3. How Can You Contribute?

1. Make fleece blankets. I’ve included two blanket patterns on this list of patterns.

2. Knit or crochet items. I’ve listed quite a few suggested patterns on this list, but you can knit whatever you want as long as its warm and durable!

3. Help spread the word. Feel free to print and distribute this color flyer or this black & white version (both in pdf format). Give it to your friends, your guild members, family members, co-workers or local scout troops; post it at your LYS; post it at your place of worship; link to it from your blog. Talk the project up; put it in your guild newsletter. Be creative!

4. Copy the Dulaan button in the upper-right-hand corner of this page to your server and display it on your blog.

5. Design patterns for Dulaan.

6. Visit this blog for updates!

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4. What Is Our New Goal Number?

Just as we did last year, our new goal number will be one more than the year before. Therefore, this year our new goal number will be:


Obviously we have our work cut out for us!

Welcome, everyone, to another year of Dulaan!

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Posted by Ryan at September 18, 2006 01:00 PM

In the spirit of the "just one more than last year" goal, I'm setting a personal goal of a whopping .... wait for it .... 5 items in 2007. I know, you can hardly stand it, can you?

Posted by: Kirsten on September 18, 2006 01:16 PM

Yay for 2007! My first box is already 2/3rds full. In a fit of cleaning (ha) a couple weeks ago, I was going to mail it, but the box I found had more room in it and I wanted to be as conservative with the postage fees as possible, so now the box is sitting under my computer chair. The basket I had been using was overflowing, so it was time for a newer, bigger receptacle. :)

Posted by: Norma on September 18, 2006 01:43 PM

Ryan, I'd like to get my daughter's Girl Scout troop interested in making blankets for Dulaan...can you send me (or post) the link to the pictures of year 1's distribution of Dulaan clothes? I'd like to show the girls what a difference they could make.

Posted by: Judy on September 18, 2006 01:46 PM

You can count on Texas! I'm in! My goal for 2007 (if we go for one more than last year) will then be 41 items. I already have a batch of caps done (6 are in the box, I think) and a wool scarf on the needles about half way done. I am so excited to be involved in another year--a heartfelt thanks to Ryan for all of her hard work, and to all you ladies for your time and talents. May all your projects be frogless!

Posted by: Nancy O. on September 18, 2006 01:52 PM

darn tootin' we will be participating.

I have already rec'd 3 hats from the Philly Fiberists. And I ahve a scarf on the needles now. (that one will go in the retreat box for KR)

Expect the unexpected!!

Posted by: anj on September 18, 2006 01:56 PM

Judy, here is the link to the page of photos:

Thank you to you, your daughter and the Girl Scout troop for your participation. My sister got one of her local Troops interested in the project one year and they sent 17 (!!) fleece blankets!

Posted by: Ryan on September 18, 2006 01:59 PM

Ah, fall weather once again signaling another start to a new Dulaan year. Thanks for keeping us on our toes for this, Ryan. My goal is 51 items, but alas, only have 1 so far. I HAVE organized my odd ball knits and other "on sale" yarns I've been buying lately so my supply is ready.

When do you want to schedule a Seattle Dulaan Knit In? (For all of you who are not in Seattle, I heartily suggest you get together with knitters in your area and schedule one of your own. It's a ton of fun and lots of good work gets done!!!!) Mary B

Posted by: Mary B on September 18, 2006 02:08 PM

Yay! I've already started a box - it's got hats and mittens and a scarf in it so far...

Posted by: DebbieB on September 18, 2006 02:58 PM


Posted by: marylee on September 18, 2006 03:32 PM

yay! Dulaan returns!

Posted by: Emily G on September 18, 2006 04:42 PM

WooHoo... Now I know all there is to know and I'm rip-roaring and rarin' to go. I'll print a few flyers and post 'em where I can!

Posted by: Kathleen on September 18, 2006 06:44 PM

consider the Columbus knitters on board. I've already got donations coming in!

Posted by: gerald on September 18, 2006 08:26 PM

I'm trying to get the knitting club at my daughter's school involved. The teacher-sponsor of the club thought it was a great idea - we'll see what the kids produce!

Posted by: melissa on September 18, 2006 08:39 PM

My goal was 50 but since there are already 22 finished hats—and another on the needles—who knows how many I'll finish.

The puzzle now is how to use up the small bits (some probably only enough for three rounds) left from the balls used to make the first hat in that color. Perhaps Joan Hamer's helix hat (or some variation) will be the solution.

Any other ideas—other than stripes?

Posted by: Connie on September 18, 2006 09:00 PM

My goal for this year is also 'one more than last year' - I think I sent 3? Anyway.

My dear, your scam is really becoming quite professionally organized and presented. Hats off to you and so forth.

Posted by: CarolineF on September 19, 2006 04:59 AM

Okay, you can count my mother in too! I shared the Dulaan pictures with her last night and she got snarfy (but then again, so did I when I saw them). She said that she will make some warm scarves and hats for those kids. Those pictures just broke my heart.

I also saw you ladies got another plug in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting...way to go!

Posted by: Nancy O. on September 19, 2006 06:45 AM

I'm in! And my personal goal for this year is to beat last year's finish. I'm gonna do 24 items this year, so you've got British Columbia covered. :)

Posted by: Tammy on September 19, 2006 07:26 AM

I'm in again! I already have a bin going. I think I did 13 things for Dulaan last year, and I have 7 items now, plus a couple on the needles.

Posted by: Cass on September 19, 2006 08:13 AM

i already have 2 hats for this year. they're my variations on the cloud hat. however, # 3 has stalled out hideously. there was only so much mohair i could handle.

i had read over at knitdad's blog that they were concentrating on smaller items. is this project-wide, or just their group?

not that i knit big things anyway, lol

and are you doing an official sign up like last year, where you post our names/nicks on your sideboard?

Posted by: minnie on September 19, 2006 11:05 AM

ryan, racing along in my nyc way, had no idea that 2006 was to be the last. we already have one of ron's hats and a scarf of mine and hope to get others involved. you're remarkable! naomi

Posted by: naomi dagen bloom on September 19, 2006 12:30 PM

Yes! And we're off :)

I've even started an Avalanche vest - and you all know how I feel about sweaters :) I'm aiming for 52 pieces this year - one a week, if I'm lucky...

Posted by: Robbyn on September 19, 2006 01:58 PM

I'm in. And I'm going to make up for having missed the first two years.

Posted by: Franklin on September 20, 2006 10:24 AM

Ah! just the project to send off my stash reduction project! Thanks for the pointer Franklin! And if I may suggest - find a vendor who will host a drop off box at S&W a mere stone's throw from Poolesville and you'll get a bunch of stuff from dropper-offers.

Posted by: Ann on September 21, 2006 06:18 PM

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Posted by: Vicky on September 22, 2006 06:00 PM

I'm ready! My goal will be ten pairs of socks.

Posted by: Heather on September 23, 2006 01:58 PM
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