June 20, 2016


While I’m waiting for this shrug* to finish drying (ignore the butt-ugly towel; it had a mishap with bleach many years ago so now it's my blocking towel. Or a cat towel, depending on who gets to it first.)…


…how 'bout I squeeze in a blog posting?

Kmkat and Janna wanted to know what the secret was to making CoBaSi your bitch. The secret is five-fold:

1. Before you put the skein on the swift, stretch the yarn between your hands and snap and straighten the strands as much as possible (if nothing else, this puts the yarn on notice that you're going to whoop its skinny ass).

2. Once you put the skein on the swift, as much as possible tidy up any dangling loops (with CoBaSi, there will always be some and they have it in for you).

3. Check the two free ends to make sure the back end is for sure in the back and the front is for sure in the front, meaning it only travels around in the front and doesn’t all of a sudden hop onto the back.

4. Go slowly.

5. If all else fails, take a flamethrower to it.

On the store end, last week Sharon and Gregor, representatives from Rowan of England and Germany respectively, came into Acorn Street. We spent a good 45 minutes talking with them about their visit to the U.S., the store, what we carry--the usual LYS chit-chat. Sharon and I huddled in the sock-yarn corner for about 10 minutes and yakked away...which is when she casually mentioned that she knit the iconic sweaters and house scarves for the Harry Potter franchise. To the day I die, I will pride myself on the almost “Harry who?” look I was able to keep on my face. I Google-stalked her after the fact and, sure enough.

That was the good news, the fun news. The bad news? She bought some yarn and a pattern from us...and when I went to work the next morning, the second page of the pattern was still sitting on the printer. Page 1, winging its way to England; page 2, not so much. Fortunately, it was a Ravelry pattern so she will receive a .pdf file but still--of all the customers, right?

* If you're thinking, dude, that doesn't look like a shrug, you’re right. The idea is that you’re supposed to seam the ends into short sleeves and then it becomes a shrug. I will report.

Posted by Ryan at June 20, 2016 05:43 PM

I do all those things with my skeins, although I am probably not a diligent as you in making sure I have the outside end of the skein. And I have not yet had to resort to the flamethrower alternative, which is not to say I have not been tempted.

Posted by: kmkat on June 20, 2016 08:58 PM

Royalty! I am surprised you didn't drop a curtsy on the spot. I mean, there aren't many "famous" sweaters and scarves in the world.

Posted by: carlarey on June 21, 2016 03:39 AM

Hmmmm..... I think CoBaSi will be a yarn that I let the shop wind for me!

Posted by: janna on June 23, 2016 09:04 AM
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