December 31, 2010

Bonne Annee a Tous Mes Amis (Some French for My Sister Who Is Greatly Disturbed By My Being Able to Speak French At All)

(Update: Comments fixed. Sort of. This blog has a bit of the poltergeist in it and sometimes turns on the the comment-moderating function all by itself, so I had to approve the comments. Read at will.)

As we bid adieu to 2010, I wanted to reassure everyone that, despite the fact that it hasn’t so much as twitched for the last month, this blog is not dead, not in a coma, not on life support or even hanging on by ragged nails. I was just damned if I was going to post one more picture of the cats sleeping…and that was all I’ve had recently. It doesn't help that the entire population of Seattle scuttles indoors and slams the door firmly shut behind itself for the winter months.

I did, however, just return from a quick Christmas trip to San Diego. I’m not sure what came over me, but in my role as “Christmas present” for soon-to-be-divorced Big Sister, I wore a big, shiny, bright-red ribbon/bow on my head for the entire trip: in the shuttle to the Seattle airport, in the Seattle airport, on the plane, in the San Diego airport. Not the usual MO of this easily embarrassed girl but, what the hell. (Interesting sociological note: In Seattle, I got nary a glance; in San Diego, I got horrified stares. In free-wheeling California, people treated like me a nutter. Huh.)

The most fun of the holiday came at the expense of my niece’s sanity. The poor dear had all four wisdom teeth pulled on December 23rd and was soon coked up on ibuprofen and Percocet.

For reasons of complicated mid-divorce scheduling, Big Sister decided to secretly hold Christmas the next morning, December 24. When she woke up my niece for the surprise, niece was convinced she had slept for 2 days, right through until Christmas Day. Oh, how we could’ve messed with her drug-addled mind...but we didn't.

Also in Mossy Cottage Knits news: I am employed. Sort of. Fabulous, complicated, challenging, slightly scary job, with lots of new things to learn and do…but a lowish-paying, contract position with no bennies. Alas. But it’s a job. And since my old job ended today (it having been an IT position with access to a mountain of sensitive information, I was invited to…ahem…absent myself from the office for the remainder of my employment) and the new job starts on the 10th, I will technically have been unemployed for all of 10 days so I can count myself among the lucky. Still, by the time the new job appeared on the horizon, I had had enough of waking up to bile roiling around in my stomach so, hallelujah!

A shout out and e-hug goes out to the many readers and friends who jumped on the let’s-find-Ryan-a-job bandwagon. Your emails, recommendations, links, suggestions and just general, all ‘round support were tremendously helpful, uplifting and encouraging. I did, in fact, land the new job almost 100% through the power of one email. I'm still amazed by how things played out and I truly hope that that ends up being something I can "pay forward" some day.

In the meantime...


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December 03, 2010

More of the Same

My apologies, Dear Readers, but when you’re single and unemployed what you’re left with are…the cats. So another cat picture for now:

(Update: Since it has been asked if they are fighting or sleeping (and I can see why, since it looks as if Benny is ripping out Joon's jugular), the answer is sleeping. They are cuddled next to the baseboard heater you can see in the back, in a big doggy bed, on a cat blanket which is different from the cat blanket on top of the microwave which is different from the cat blanket on the desk in the den which is different from the cat blanket on my bed which is different from the cat blanket on the bed upstairs which is different from the cat blanket on the couch. Oy.)


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