February 28, 2011


I just don't even know what to say about this.

I'm convinced they're taking over the Earth but slowly so we don't notice, and gathering adherents as they they go. I never saw myself as the leader of a rebel army but if it must be, it must be. (Hah! Almost wrote "guerilla army" but then my head exploded with monkey and gorilla puns so I just didn't go there. But feel free to knock yerselves out.) Now, where're my tight corset, impractically short skirt, lace-up leather Roman sandals, Princess Leia braids and shiny sword? Oh, and the large, black canvas sack to hide the entire ensemble.

(Incidentally, at last glance, there were 137 votes. 26.3% say I did go to Las Vegas and am Las-Vegas-tainted forever; 73.7% say I can still hold my head up in public--I have never been to Las Vegas. And thank God for Anne's clarification that since it wasn't voluntary, since I had been forced to go to Las Vegas for work, then it was out of my hands and didn't count. There's some logic I can stand behind! So can we say officially, whatever happens in Vegas, doesn't happen in Vegas? I think so.

Lastly, don't hold your collective breath, but I'm working on some knitting and plan to show photos anon. I know, right?!)

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February 10, 2011

Did She, Or Didn't She?

Now that I'm home, the best way I can describe it is...I went to Las Vegas but I didn't inhale.

See, what I didn't realize was that these were some big-ass classes I had been sent to take, with the intended end result that I would be a Microsoft Certified SharePoint sumthin'-sumthin'. Which meant that I spent 10.5 hours a day in class and the rest of the time studying. Which meant that, other than the Hooters fiasco, I never left the hotel. Which meant that I never made it to the Strip. Which meant that, technically, I never made it to Las Vegas. Or did I? You decide.

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