February 23, 2012


Funny thing.

I’m back in Seattle.

Remember the boss who got fired with the result that I was booted out the door an hour later? He landed safely elsewhere, tracked me down in San Diego, and offered me a three-month contract position at the new company. As the saying goes, “In this economy….” Plus he’s a nice boss. And he had lured away other people from my last job so I knew there'd be friendly and familiar faces around from the get-go. So here I be for the nonce.

Thanks to the passage of time and support from friends and family, health is better than when I did a face-plant on the driveway upon first arriving in SD so I figured I’d take a gamble on coming back, after much discussion with:

Self, which went something like, “Yes. No. Yes. No. Maybe. Yes. No. Oh, look, a bird!”

Sister, which went something like, “No.”

Financial advisor, which went something like, “Yes.”

Therapist, which went something like, “Yes.”

So, I crammed my belongings back into Crazy Ivan and threaded my way back up the coast. But (and please forgive me this one, Ken) this time I did it the sane way: in five days, three to six hours of driving a day with stays at slightly-dumpy-but-they-take-cats-at-no-extra-charge hotels along the way.

The cats were in no particular hurry to leave since they had grown accustomed to the California lifestyle…


…but they were troupers, as evidenced by this, taken the night of Day 4, after their usual sleuthing-about in the new room. (There is also a slight possibility that the tranquilizers hadn’t completely worn off yet.)


Not a lot of photos from the trip because I was determinedly focused on getting from Point A to Point B each day but there was this…


…Mount Shasta, taken after Crazy Ivan and I had ground our way up one side of the pass and down the other. Fortunately the weather was with us the entire way, thank you, Mother Nature.

And I arrived home to this, which put a huge grin on my face:


In other news, I’m knitting. Sort of. It’s knitting. It’s legit. It’s just that…it’s dishcloths. To go from this…


…to this…


...is a bit of a comedown but I’ll take what I can get, and whatever my wrists are willing to do, so I’ve been churning these things out like a madwoman. Two stayed in California, and these two are promised to a co-worker. Anyone want a dishcloth?

Oh, and one other small thing. Went to California looking like this…


And came home looking like this…


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