May 15, 2012


Hello, blog. Hello, world.

The long silence has been purely a function of nothing much to write about. Have been back in Seattle for (…some quick finger counting…) three months, contract position has been extended to the end of June, health is still a little funky but I'm in physical therapy for it, and on we go.

The good news? Given that the new bridge toll combined with parking in a fancy-schmancy building adds up to a cool 600 smackeroonies a month, I've been busing it to and from work. And, as all commuting knitters know, bus time = knitting time. Even more importantly, bus time = limited knitting time so I don’t aggravate easily aggravated wrists. Funny thing: string enough half-hour bus trips together and projects get completed. This week I finished a sock, the first in, like, ferever. Would love to show you it but I’ll be damned if I know where the thingy is for charging my very dead camera battery. Fortunately, in the digital world of blogging, you can scavenge from old photos, so here we go. Look at this…


…and imagine it in the shape of a sock. That worked, right?

P.S. It's Dream in Color Starry. I also have it in brown. Be prepared to use your imaginations again very soon.

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