February 18, 2013

The Disappearing Cat Trick

(1) I'm collecting boxes to take some things to Goodwill. I've piled the empty boxes up in my bedroom.

(2) I haven't seen Joon in a few hours. Hmmmmmm. Where could she possibly be, do you suppose?


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February 15, 2013

Fuzzy Wuzzy!


It’s fuzzy, salt-and-pepper and growing molasses-slow, but it’s coming back. Although, truth be told, I’d gotten quite used to looking as if I were the love child of a mad scientist and an orangutan. Hell, I’ve been all over this city as bald as a coot. And if anyone noticed, trust me, cancer makes it easy to win staring contests.

The weird thing is, although you can’t tell in these photos, the “pepper” part—solid black. I haven’t had a strand of black hair in my entire life.



In between treatments, which are ongoing, and emergency trips to the hospital, which have also been ongoing (frustratingly), knitting has been happening but at such a rapid rate that things have flown out of the house before I remember to take a photo: Bright green, Blue Moon Socks That Rock socks for the sister; an infinity scarf for the niece; a men’s chemo cap for the infusion center... Here is one thing that is hanging around, though, because I knit it for moi—a French market shopping bag, here, looking unattractively like a limp, used condom…


…and, here, in its more natural state, doing what it was born to do. (This bag is strong! I raided my pantry for this photo and there are some heavy-ass cans in there.)


I was compelled to knit this because:
• Seattle outlawed plastic shopping bags last year
• I have yet to remember to bring reusable bags into any store, anywhere, and I thought maybe if I surrounded myself with bags, I would remember to pick one up on my way out the door.
• Cute reusable bags that used to be sold in the store for .99 cents are now, thanks to the law of supply and demand, $3 or $4

I have noticed, however, that supermarket checkers Do Not Like This Bag. If I bring a mass-produced bag and this one up to the counter, they will stuff the mass-produced bag until it's begging for mercy, and put anything that doesn't fit straight back into the cart, sans bag. Today I had to gently encourage the checker, almost as if he were a frightened kitten, to use the knitted bag. He put in...some napkins.

Vital stats:

• Pattern: Knitted String Groceries Bag

• Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in the color Snap Pea (which I lerv)

• Pattern uses knitted handles but I went crazy-wild with creativity and used clear acrylic instead. Makes for a more comfortable handle, plus the original handles added unnecessarily to the “sag factor.”

Next up: Find a job, my fourth in two years, if I’m doing the math right.

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