October 03, 2013

Week One

One week of paralegal class down and, as I predicted, I’m the old fart in the class. Or the only one with gray hair, which isn’t quite the same thing but close.

Day 1 was overwhelming. 50 students. Multiple concepts about the Constitution, federal government, state governments and judicial system being thrown at you pell-mell. The room got hot and stuffy (or I had a doozy of a hot flash; same diff’). The chairs were the kind we had in grade school: wooden, hard, with a small flat surface on one side to write on, and let’s just say I’m a little bigger than I was in grade school. Thank God the chairs were anchored because I almost took mine with me every time I stood up. And, worst of all, no one talked to anyone and for an extrovert, that’s torture.

Day 2, much better. True, it was in another room which helped but the other thing that made a difference? Your friend and mine—knitting. I only knitted for five minutes before class but (1) it helped keep me from getting twitchy and (2) by the end of class I had talked to a bunch of muggles and knitters alike—including the teacher—about the socks on the needles. Boo-yah!

Day 3 and the first week down. Spending the day at the law library tomorrow. Man, these people do NOT waste time!

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