November 27, 2013

What the...?

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who is out there!


What I thought I was getting into: A Mickey Mouse certification program like the kind offered by those fly-by-night, here one day, gone the next, usually-being-hunted-down-by-the-Feds-for-fraud technical schools. More importantly, a program that I would breeze through because of my writing and research skills.

What I actually got into: Grad school. Okay, not technically-technically, but you have to have a baccalaureate to get into the program and there’s no breezing. None. People are dropping like flies. Lost two more on Tuesday. And those writing and research skills? They aren’t doing bupkus, or so the “C” I got on my mid-terms tells me.

It doesn’t help that in homework exercises you can make literally NO mistakes, the reasoning being that if you were working in a real law firm, that mistake could cost your attorney the case and get your typo-making ass canned. To wit, this week on a legal memorandum, I wrote Affirmative Response (singular) instead of Affirmative Responses (plural). Only mistake. Dropped an entire grade level. [Insert here whistling sound of bomb dropping out of the sky and exploding.]

Final exams come up in a couple of weeks. Shoot me now.

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