December 07, 2013

A first...

This has me laughing so hard, and if it has me laughing hard, you know I'm gonna share it.

See this?


The little specks of dirt aside, it looks like yer ordinary pink yarn, doesn’t it? You're right, it is ordinary pink yarn only, here’s the rub: It’s frozen! Through and through. Hard as a rock. I could bash it with a hammer and the hammer would bounce right off it.

See, I’m using a plastic bin to collect rain water for next year’s garden and I wanted to tie some mesh fabric over the bin to keep out skeeters, leaves and such-like. I took the (crappy, expendable, acrylic) yarn outside to use a piece to tie the fabric in place…and forgot about it. (Truth is, I suck at cleaning up after projects. Once the fun part is done, I wander off. Squirrel!) Then the rainy season blew in, soaking the yarn, followed by some record-breaking cold and, if you took high-school science, you know what happened next.

Proof, otherwise known as "Still Life With Yarn and Heavy Rock:"


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