December 16, 2014


The only purpose of this entry is to post this picture of myself and Big Sister (Cata) when I was visiting her in San Diego a few months ago. I just love this picture. Big Sister and I are the only two left in our family—and have been the only two for a long time, decades now—so time spent together is special.


In this picture, we were having lunch at a lovely outdoor restaurant in Del Mar. The food was fresh and tasty...but then there was The Great Kombucha Experiment. Neither one of us had had kombucha before so Cata ordered a glass. She though it was refreshing and even had a second; me, I thought it tasted like used baby diapers. No surprise to us really; we’ve always had disparate tastes in…oh, SO many things (men/no men; children/no children; sunshine/rain; crochet/knitting; wine/Coke; historical fiction/science fiction; light salads/pasta dripping with butter; exercise/SO not) so the kombucha was just another in a long list.

Just recently a pharmacist advised me to include probiotics in my diet every day, and suggested kombucha. I immediately made a skwidgy face and shared the “baby diaper” experience with her. We settled on tablets or kefir instead. A much better idea…

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