January 25, 2016


Hello, everyone! Miss you, miss the blog. So much. But life has been indescribably uneventful (read, unblogworthy) for the last however long, mostly because I and my cancer medication—which is designed to stave off a cancer that is known to be an aggressive and opportunistic little sucker—do not get along. It causes so much exhaustion and confusion and dizziness and depression and topsy-turvy sleep that I do…nothing. I sleep not at all…or I sleep for a solid 48 hours. To kill time, I play the online game World of Warcraft. Lots of World of Warcraft. Hours every day because it’s entertaining and distracting and mildly challenging and I don’t have the energy to do anything else. (Side note: I am working on all these problems, believe you me.)

Speaking of aggressive and opportunistic little suckers, World of Warcraft players are primarily teenage boys and young men (although many girls and women play as well) and, over time, I discovered that, with very few exceptions, the male players are astoundingly abusive little bastards, so much so that recently I walked away from the game cold turkey…and quickly found myself pacing restlessly around the house thinking, what to do, what to do? How to fill the hours? Finally, I flopped in front of the TV to watch true crime of some sort. Then I espied some size 10.5 circular needles an arm’s length away in one direction and a skein of (not particularly pretty but whatevs) pink Plymouth Encore an arm’s length away in the other. I grabbed both, frantically cast on literally “a bunch of” stitches—whatever would fit on the circular needles—joined, lost myself in the familiar rhythm…and this happened.



I didn’t believe for a minute that I would be able to stay away from World of Warcraft but it’s been two weeks and, in the meantime, this has also happened:




These welted, knit-long, easy-peasy, any yarn, any needle scarves are the potato chip of knitting. I see many more of these in my future.

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