March 22, 2016


Here is something I don’t understand: People who can actually answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” For me, the last five years—couldn’t have planned for them worth a damn. And things just took yet another unexpected—but this time more positive—turn. I now work here:


This place has always held a special place in my heart because it is was my first LYS*. I distinctly remember stepping through its doors 15 years ago and suddenly feeling calm, content, at home. Granted, over the years I’ve learned that I feel that way in all yarn shops but, still, this was my first. I also distinctly remember picking up a ball of yarn that was so soft and light that I literally checked my hand again to confirm that I was holding something. (And so began the slippery slope into yarn snobbery. However, it was also during the eyelash-yarn craze so I could just as easily have gone screaming from the store, never to return.)

A couple of years ago, the shop was sold and underwent a top-to-bottom renovation. Gone was the looming, dark shelving; gone were the cramped aisles; gone were the chairs placed awkwardly and inconveniently in front of the books; gone were the stained, tattered binders of patterns; gone was the dusty, musty feeling (none of which I noticed. Heck, it was my LYS!). However, the new store is markedly lighter, brighter, cleaner, more welcoming, and has a large table where you can sit and knit:


About a month ago, I was in the store and met the new owner, Fenella Raymond. And all of a sudden I heard a voice—it couldn’t have been mine. I’m extroverted, yes; forward, no—asking her, “Are you hiring?” Surprisingly, her answer was “yes” so I sent her some information about my work history, we had a lovely, informal interview that was more like girl-chat over tea and cookies, and the next Monday, there I was, working part-time in a yarn shop! What the…? My head is still spinning. (“Spinning”—see what I did there?)

Fenella has been extremely patient with me because on Day One, a truly over-the-top episode of anxiety kicked in—the medicine-induced insomnia is wreaking havoc with my endurance; I haven’t worked in a couple of years; I’ve never worked in retail; and I practically faint at the thought of making newbie mistakes—but things have improved over the couple of days I’ve worked there and I’m determined to do well.

My hat is newly off to cashiers. Who knew it could be so complicated? Cash transactions; regular credit-card transactions; microchipped credit-card transactions; debit cards versus credit cards; returns; discounts; processing gift cards; tracking rewards points; applying rewards points; sometimes many events in one transaction. And the other employees make it look so easy! That being said, a picture I never imagined I would post, the view from behind the cashier counter:


But the most important thing I’ve learned? Don’t stand too close to the cash drawer because when it flies open, it squashes the hell out of the “girls” and sends both me and the drawer staggering back a fair bit. The laughter the first time that happened!! My nemesis:


Locals, ex-Dulaaners, come on by the store and see its new incarnation and fresh, new yarns! (I promise the eyelash yarn has been banished to the basement. I poked it myself with a stick the other day and it didn’t respond. Good sign.) I currently work Monday mornings and Fridays and would love to see you!

* Local Yarn Store

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